Star spins Casino

One of the hardest things an online casino or online slot site is faced with doing is replicating the fun and excitement that a brick and mortar land based casino offers.

For when any player first signs up to such a site they are often usually faced with lot of different slot machines, all of which they may have never come across before!

That is something that Starspins thought long and hard about before they went live, and I do feel that they have the have found the perfect solution. That solution being that they offer slot games that all players instantly recognised and will have played before!

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It is Scientific Games range of slot games that you will be accessing if you make the very wise decision of playing there, and if you are unsure of whom Scientific Games are, they are the online arm of several different land based slot machine suppliers!

As such, by visiting the Starspins website you are going to see plenty of slot machines that at some point you will have played when in a land based casino, and there is the option to play them for free or play them in a real money playing environment!

Well Thought Out Promotions and Bonuses

One major advantage for any serious slot player becoming a new player at Starspins is that they are going to the qualify for a range of well thought out promotions offers that give them a real chance of winning as they play off their bonus credits.

It is a sad fact of life that many online slot sites and casino sites have in place some very un-player friendly terms and conditions attached to their bonus offers that give players very little chance of actually winning anything from such bonuses.

Therefore if you have been crying out for a slot site that does offer bonuses and plenty of ongoing bonuses that will extend your play time and not come with all manner of ridiculous play through requirements and additional bonus play rules it really is time to sign up to Starspins!

New players can of course make use of a rather tempting sign up welcome offer, the details of which you will find on their website, but once you use their welcome bonus offer there will always be a very steady stream of generous promotional offers being made available to you.

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I would encourage you to read through those terms and conditions found on their website in regards to promotional offers, for you sill then see just how liberal and fair they really are!

Slot Game Payout Information

I never want to play slot machines that have been set with a very low payout percentage, for when playing such slots they tend to give you not much play time at all and you will often find they eat up your bankroll very quickly too.

As such to enable their many players from around the world to be able to make a well balanced and well judge decision on which slot games are the better paying ones, Starspins have made available the payout percentage information on all of their available slot games.

Therefore I actively encourage you to first spend some time researching those payout percentages on the Starspins website and possibly putting together a list of their higher paying slots which boast the best and highest payout percentages.

Once you have got such a list together then give those slot games some play time, for with much higher payout percentages you will then get more winning payouts over the long term and your slot playing sessions will be much more enjoyable once and will enable you to recycle your bankroll lots of times too!

Options to Play for Free or For Real

It is of course very easy for me to say the range of slot machines and other slot games available at Starspins are fun to play and can payout some huge amounts of cash too.

But the only way you and any other players for that matter are going to be able to determine if they are exactly the types of slots you ill enjoy playing is to actually get stuck into playing them yourself.

Whilst you may be more than happy to get stuck into playing any of their slots right now for real money to test them out, you may much prefer giving them a whirl at no risk to see if they are as good as they sound.

There are going to be demo mode versions of all of the Starspins many hundreds of different slot machines available to you as soon as you do visit their website and become one of their new registered players,

Therefore you are freely able to give any of their huge and ever growing range of slot games as much play time for free and at no risk a you like, to ensure they are suitable slots to you and your unique playing style and bankroll too!

Slot Game Option Settings

The best thing about the slot machines always accessible to you when fancy spinning some slot game reels at Starspins is that every single one of their slot machines come with lots of different option settings so players can configure each game to their own preferences.

By making use of the auto play settings for example players can configure any of the slots to play automatically, and there are also some additional built in option settings that will allow players to configure the exact way the auto play option plays too.

Not only that but you do have the options of speeding up the speed at which the slot games will play out to or even slow the speed at which the reels will spin and stop.

Audio and volume settings will enable all players to have a much more tailored type of slot playing experience, and I would urge you to try and play each of their slots in the maximum screen size too for that way players will find their slots totally enveloping!

 Much more so if they do also additionally turn up toe volume settings on the slot games they are playing, as those sound effects can add another dimension to the slot playing experience at Starspins!

Starspins Player Support Service

I have always found the support team at Starspins to be on the ball, and they are always a friendly bunch of people so getting any questions you want answering will be easy.

Do not however be afraid of making contact with them if you have not yet signed up as a new player, for they are always more than happy to talk you through fully anything you may be slightly confused about or are unsure about.

There will be more than enough ways that you can get in touch with the Starspins team and all of their contact details can of course be found on their website so take a look, and if you do have any questions then are contact with them they will always respond promptly!

Play Loyalty Scheme

Whilst all slot players are going to want to experience as many winning sessions as they possibly can do, it is a fact of life when playing slot games in any playing environment players will often experience losing sessions.

However, at the end of the day the slot games players will be accessing at Starspins are of course completely random so any session you do have playing them could turn out to be a profitable one, or even a very profitable one!

But whenever players do set about playing any of their slot games for real money they are going to be rewarded for doing so, no matter if those players win or lose.

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It is via the Starspins comp club scheme players are rewarded for their real money gaming action and each spin will see players earning points and when they have enough points saved up over any number of real money gaming sessions they can then choose to swap their comp points for additional playing credits.

Those playing credits are going to be added to players accounts the very second players have redeemed them, so there is never any hanging around waiting for them to appear in players account!

All the Latest Slot Machines

It could take players weeks or even months to play every single slot machine available to them online, for there are now thousands of casino sites all offer an enormous array of different slots.

The ones available at Starspins are all listed in their own slot game category type games menu, so looking up the exact types of slot you do fancy playing at any time really is very easy to do.

Those games as mentioned above are all instant play ones so there is never any need to have to download any software to be able to access and get stuck into playing the ones you fancy playing the most.

It is also worth knowing that as soon as any of the slot game designers that supply the games to Starspins launch any brand new slots online Starspins is often one of the very first casino sites that have those new games available.

As such if you love nothing more than playing the very latest all singing and all dancing slot machines and slot games they will always be available at this slot site! So make sure you do peruse through their games menu to find out what those new slot games are!

Huge Paying Progressive Jackpot Slots

To have the chance of winning one of those life changing jackpots you often read about online or hear about on TV and radio, players are going to have to play some of the progressive jackpot slot games that re never in short supply at Starspins!

However, keep in mind due to this slot site having so many different progressive jackpot awarding slots on offer to their players, it will be advisable for you to make sure you track down and play the slots that are best suited to your bankroll and also your own unique playing style.

Starspins do offer some very low stake progressive jackpot slot machines, so never be under the impression the stakes on those games are going to be way too expensive for your bankroll as that is not going to be the case.

But I would always urge players to read through the pay tables attached and displayed on any progressive jackpot slots they do fancy playing just to make sure they know how they have to play such games to have any chance what so every of being able to win the progressive jackpots on offer on them.

Bonus Game Awarding Video Slots

Players often get so overwhelmed when they first visit the Starspins site that they are not sure just which slot games to play first! However, with so many available you will always find the slots that do tickle your fancy and appeal to you the most!

Some players however may be prepared to play any type of slot game, and if that is something that you are prepared to do then please do ensure that some of the slot games you do play at Starspins include some of their bonus game awarding video slots.

Those slot games are going to offer you plenty of different staking options and plenty of pay line options too, however when playing them there is a chance a bonus game could be awarded to you on any base game spin.

Those bonus games can and often do turn out to be huge paying ones, so players do tend to find that it is the bonus game awarding video slots that tend to offer them the most excitement and entertainment value.

Plus, even if you do not trigger huge cash paying bonus games there is always the chance you may simply spin in a huge paying winning combination on any of the pay lines of those video slots!

ing then the pay tables are very generous at Casumo and return some above average payout percentages too!