Luxury Casino

Luxury Casino was one of the very latest casinos to become part of the Casino Rewards Group and as such we are more than happy to introduce you to them, for they have a solid pedigree and are going to give you one of the best online gaming experiences possible.

What does make this casino shine out like a beacon in a very overcrowded online gaming environment is their impressive quite of games.

Luxury Mobile Casino

They utilize the high and ever growing suite of games that have all been designed and supplied by Microgaming, which means literally hundreds of great playing and high paying games will be just a clock if your mouse any when you sign up and give them a try.

If you have never experienced the delights of playing at Luxury Casino, we openly invite you to spend a few minutes reading through this information packed review.

By doing so you are going to find out what makes them one of the best online casino sites you can play at and you will of course be able to make use of our exclusive sign up bonus.

There are so many different casinos that you can play at these days you really do owe it to yourself to play at one of the very best ones available.

That is exactly what you will be doing the moment you have registered as one of their new players, which is going to take you less than a minute once you visit their website!

Luxury Sign Up and get an Instant Play Bonus

If you have played at some other casino sites then you will not need us to tell you just how long and drawn out the process of registering as a new player at some casino sites can and will be!

There is not going to be any of that nonsense at Luxury Casino, for the way in which you can sign up as a new player is by simply filling in their sign up registration form which on average takes around a minute or so to do.

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Be aware though that this casino site is fully licensed and regulated and as such they are required by law to ensure that all of their players are at least 18 years of age, and they are also required to verify your identity and your address too.

So one little tip we can pass onto you in regards to ensuring you are always going to be able to withdraw your winnings quickly is once you have signed up as a new player send into the casino a copy of your passport or driving license and also send into them a copy of a recent utility bill too.

That way the support team will be able to verify your identity, age and address and then if you do have a winning session playing any of their enormous range of games and make a withdrawal they will then be able to pay you out those winnings very quickly indeed!

Luxury Mobile Casino Gaming Platform

The best types of casino sites you can play at are those that offer you the option of accessing their range of games in one of several different ways, as that way you are always free to utilize whichever gaming platform is the most convenient to you!

As such there is no doubt in our minds that you will certainly enjoy yourself when playing at Luxury Casino for you have three different gaming platforms that you can access and make use of all of which will be accessible via your one username and password.

We have discovered that more and more players much prefer using the mobile casino app available at this casino site, and as such if you do have a mobile phone, smart phone or any type of touch screen tablet device then consider downloading their excellent and very player friendly casino app.

However, if you wish to play on your home computer or laptop then you will have the added advantage of being able to either download their gaming platform directly onto those computers or you will be able to make use of a web browser compatible instant play gaming platform too.

No matter which of those three quite different gaming platforms you choose to make use of you are always going to be able to play the exact types of casino games you love and enjoy playing the most and can also play them all for a stake level suitable to your gambling budget too!

Multiple Different Banking Methods at Luxury Casino

It is going to be a totally pointless exercise signing up to an online casino site, and also possibly and expensive one too if you are not going to be able to fund your casino account in your own home currency and also by a method of your own personal choosing too.

That is one of the main reasons why we have chosen to present to you Luxury Casino as one of our top rated online and mobile casino sites for no matter which gaming platform you choose to make use of you are going to have lots of different ways to both make an instant and in real time deposit and also a fast winning payout too.

If you like making deposit using any web or e-wallets or you much prefer using prepaid voucher or prepaid cards then you will of course be able to deposit using those quite different methods.

However if you want to have the flexibility of making a deposit into your account using any type of debit card or even if you wish to use any major credit cards then you are also going to be able to use those two methods too.

Plus, you will find more than enough ways that you can pick and choose from in regards to how you make any withdrawals from your Luxury Casino account and they are of course a fast paying casino site too!

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Luxury Casino Review

We are 100% convinced that as soon as you sign up and become a player at Luxury Casino you are never going to get the urge or even need to play at any other online or mobile casino sites, as they have everything you will need to have the very best gaming experience.

However, please do take a look below as by doing so you are going to find a listing and overview of the main reason why we think you really do owe it to yourself to sign up to Luxury Casino sooner rather than later!

1000 Welcome Bonus - The very first thing that you will spot when you pay a visit to the Luxury Casino website is their huge and not to be missed sign up welcome bonus offer, on which you can claim up to 1000 in bonus credits

As each of those bonus are deposit match type bonuses and as they come with some very low play through requirements and some very fair terms and conditions too, you really should try and make use of them as they are going to be available to you on your first few deposits and not just on your initial one!

Play and Earn Playing Credits - You should only play at casino sites that truly do value you as a real money layer, and with that in mind we would always advise you to hunt around for a casino site that has something of an overly generous comp club scheme in place on their site.

That is exactly what you are going to find available to you as a player at Luxury Casino, for every single real money wage you place on absolutely any of their every growing range of casino game sis going to see you earning high valued comp points!

New Games on all Platforms - One thing that can annoy most casino game players is that when they are playing at some casino sites the newest casino games many only go live on one gaming platform and not all of them available at a casino site.

That is something you will never experience playing at Luxury Casino or the very minute a new game from Microgaming goes live that brand new casino game will be available on both their online gaming platforms and it will also be accessible and playable on their mobile casino app too!

Single Payment Jackpots! - There is no limit in regards to the amount of cash that can be won by you when playing any of the Luxury Casinos progressive jackpot awarding games, so consider giving some of those games a little bit of play time of you do want to have a chance of winning very big.

In fact, any time you do win a progressive jackpot the jackpot payout is credited to your casino account instantly and you will not have any limits imposed on you in rewards to how much you can withdraw via a single payout so you can withdrawal the entire jackpot in one single payment if you so desire!

You Win and They Pay! - You can often feel a little intimidated when you win at some online and mobile casinos sites for you will never know just how long those sites are going to take to pay you out your winnings or whether they will try to void them for some reason or another!

There is going to be none of that nonsense at Luxury Casino for as soon as you do win and then request a winning payout they will set the wheels in motion to ensure those winnings are paid out to you in no time at all!

Fair and Random Games - The only way that a player is going to be completely confident that each and every single casino game they play online at any casino sites or when playing at a mobile casino site are fair and random is by them playing only at licensed casino sites.

With that in mind and as Luxury Casino is fully licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that means you are always going to be accessing and play fair and random games that offer some high payouts too!

Play and Cash Check - You should always play and gamble responsibly no matter at which casinos sites you sign up to and play at and there is both a Cash Check and Play Check facility available  at Luxury Casino and those two self auditing facilities are going to allow you to get a good overview of your individual gambling sessions.

Cash Check let you see just how many deposits and withdrawals you have made and the Play Check facility will enable you to self audit any one single gaming session playing any one game yourself to see all of your wins and losses on those gaming sessions in full detail!

Customer Care Team - To ensure that every single gaming session you have at Luxury Casino goes without a hitch you are going to find they have a fully manned customer support centre who can be contacted at any time of the night or day.

If you wish to make contact with that support team and ask any questions what so ever one of the quickest ways we have round you can do just that is by making use of the instant chat service, however you are always reel to email or telephone them if you would prefer doing so.

High RTP's - Keep your eyes peeled for the video poker games and the slot machines that have higher than average payout percentages on offer, for if you pick out and play those slot and video poker games over the long term you will be guaranteed of getting more of your stake money returned to you as winning payouts.

There are of course plenty of low house edge card games and table games that you can also get stuck into playing at this casino site, so make sure you give some of those games a little bit of play time too to maximize your winning chances!

You may be a first time online casino game player or a very experienced one, however no matter how long you have been interested in playing online casino games of every description we just know that Luxury Casino is going to live up to and will probably exceed your expectations!

We always pay careful attention to just which casino sites we do approve and showcase to our website visitors, and as such we present to you the following view on which we will pinpoint all of the unique aspects of this top rated casino site so you can make up your own mind as to whether to play there or not!

Deposits and Withdrawals - Living in Canada will of course mean you are using Canadian Dollars as your main currency and one of the many different advantages of playing at Luxury Casino is that you will find plenty of different banking options available to you but you will also be able to set your account to operate using CAD too.

You will therefore be able to instantly fund your account at any time in CAD using a banking option that is convenient to you and you are also always going to be able to make a rapid winning withdrawal when Lady Luck has flipped you a smile!

Two Gaming Platforms - The owners and operators of Luxury Casino have chosen to use the gaming platforms from Microgaming as the engine that makes their casino site tick and as such you will be able to play via an instant play gaming platform or you can download their entire suite of games onto your computer.

It does not matter which of those two gaming platforms you decide to make use of for each of them come jam-packed full of different games all of which you can play for stake levels of your own choosing, however there are slightly more games available on the downloadable gaming platform!

Luxury Mobile Casino

Best Promotional Offers - It is going to be the bonus offers that will probably excite you the most about becoming a real money player at Luxury Casino, for from the very minute you sign up to and log into your account as a real money player for the very first time you will be able to make use of the most generous of casino welcome bonus offers.

However, unlike other online casino sites those bonuses will not simply dry up and vanish once you have claimed the Luxury Casino welcome bonus offer for each week they will be offering you lot of additional bonuses that you can claim and make use of and they do also have their very own comp club too so the more you play as a real money player the more bonus credits you will be rewarded with!

Players Feedback on Luxury Casino

If you are seeking out some of the very best online casino sites at which to play at, then you will need to amass as much information about each potentially site you are thinking of singing up to so as to be able to make an informed decision of whether to play at that site. To help you make an informed decision, below you will find out what other players have to say about Luxury Casino!

Lots of New Games - I often grow tired of playing the same casino games over and over again and that is one of the main reasons why I moved over to playing at Luxury Casino for they have hundreds of games available. However, one of the best aspects of playing there is that they always have lots of brand new casino games going live each month so I do look forward to playing all of those new games each month! - Mary

Penny Slot Machines - Just thought I would let you know why I do play at Luxury Casino quite often, and the reason is that they have one of the largest selections of penny slots I have ever seen available from any online casino site. As such that means that I can play for hours without risking that much money when playing those low cost penny slot machines! - Martin

Instantly Credited Bonuses - I am probably what you would call an impatient gambler and as such when I do want to play at a casino site I want to be able to make a deposit and claim any bonuses straight away without having to wait.

When playing at Luxury Casino if I do have any bonuses that I qualify for then as soon as I make my deposit to claim those bonuses they always get credited to my account instantly meaning I am never left hanging around waiting for them to appear in my Casino rewards account. - Peter

Very Fair Bonus Rules - I often used to avoid taking bonuses from casino sites that I was playing at for many of the bonus rules were unfair and rarely if ever gave me a realistic chance of actually winning with the bonuses I had claimed!

That all changed when I started to play at Luxury Casino for whilst they do offer lots of generous bonuses the terms and conditions attached to those bonuses are designed in such a way that you get a good and fair chance of winning and the play through requirements are not very high ether like they tend to be at most other online casino sites! - Ian

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High Monthly Payout Limits - When I win playing casino games I look forward to and also demand that I get paid out my winnings in full and on time, which is sadly something that a lot of casino sites do not understand or want to provide!

I have won some fairly large amounts over the years a Luxury Casino and have found that they do always pay out quickly and they do have some much higher limits in place in regards to how much you can cash out per month, and that fact keeps me as one of their loyal and regular players. - Donald