Casumo Casino

As you hunt around the web for a new online casino site at which to sign up and play at, you are of course going to come across slots of different casino sites, all of which will be offering you something different.

But when it comes to you getting the more fun, excitement and all of the perks of playing in a real money playing environment, you do need to be fully aware of what unique features, if any, each casino site you come across is going t be offering you as a player.

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With that in mind I would like to present to you the following review of Casumo, they offer players an instant play gaming platform and one that does come jam packed full of games all players are going to enjoy playing.

In regards to their promotional offers and additional extras, please do read on for I have itemized all of their best selling points below for you, and I am more than confident they are going to become one of your favourite casino sites, once you do make the very wise decision of giving them a try!

Casumo Is Licensed and Regulated

When I first come across any online casino sites I have never played at before I tend to scroll down to the bottom of their main index page, as that is where their licensing information can usually be found.

To ensure players do get access to certified fair and random casino games and that the casino sites they play at have been fully vetted to ensure they have a management team of good character and have the financial resources to operate such a site all players need to play only at licensed casino sites.

Casumo Casino holds two main gambling licenses, one of which has been issued by the Malta Gaming Authority and the other has been issued by the UK Gambling Commission.

The fact that they have made the effort to apply for, and have been granted full licenses to operate by those two highly respected licensed jurisdictions means players will always find they operate their casino site to the very highest of industry standards.

There are still many casinos that are not licensed anywhere, and players really will be taking far too many risks if they ever do sign up to an unlicensed casino site, and with that in mind I am happy to recommend Casumo to players safe in the knowledge they do operate to the highest of industry standards at all time.

Instant Play Casumo Gaming Platform

Casumo uses a state of the art gaming platform which is an instant play one. As such players are never forced or even required to have to download any software onto their computers to access their huge range of different casino games.

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By visiting their website players can opt to register as a new player on the spot, and for reference it takes around a minute or so to sign up as one of their new players, and by doing so they then have access to hundreds of different casino games.

The option to play those games for free or for real money is always available to players, but it is worth knowing when playing for real money as a new first time Casumo player a huge valued sign up welcome bonus will be on offer!

The games players choose to play will simply launch and then load into whatever web browser they are using, and players can swap and change the games they do fancy playing with a simple click of their mouse!

Casumo Players Club

Not only are Casumo real money players going to be able to take advantage of some rather tempting and very generous bonuses, but they are also going to be rewarded when they are playing in a real money playing environment too.

The Casumo players reward club is one of the most rewarding loyalty schemes I have ever come across online, and there are a range of promotional offers and daily competitions that their players can choose to opt into.

Free slot spins for example are one very popular type of promotional offer that their players will be rewarded with, and when credited to a players account they can then play off those fee spins and the winnings achieved on any free spins played off are credited to players accounts!

To be honest however, the list of daily promotional offers is so large I would suggest you do pay a visit to the Casumo website for a full overview of each of them, for you are seriously going to be blown away by just how many of them there are.

Their players reward scheme is one that you are automatically enrolled in when you do sign up as one of their new real money players, so those extras will start to flow your way as soon as you start to play!

Casumo Published House Edges and RTP

The more experienced casino game player will know that there can be a huge difference in regards to the payout percentages and the house edges each casino game at any casino site has been designed to pay.

As such those players who do have experience of playing all manner of different games will already know just which games are going to give them more winning payouts over the long term, and they will of course always make a beeline to play those games to get the maximum playing value.

However, as you may never have played casino games in an online playing environment before then it will be worth checking over the Casumo website for by doing so you will find a list of all of their games published RTP and each card and table games house edges too.

Once armed with that information players will then be able to track down and then play the casino games that do offer them the very highest of pay backs and pay outs, and will get plenty of additional play time and winning opportunities by doing so!

Casumo Attentive Player Support Service

Some casino game players may be a tad wary about signing up to and play at an online casino site for the very first time for they may not be fully aware of how each part of the casino sites works and operates.

If that has been something that has been worrying you then fear not as Casumo offers an around the clock customer care centre and their support staff  are fully trained and know how every single part of the casino site works and operates too.

So if you are unsure about how to registers as a new player, how to make use of their very easy to use and highly secure banking interface or have any other questions simply get in touch with their support team.

The fastest and most convenient way you can do so is by making use of the instant chat service. By clicking on the instant chat button you will then be connected up to one of their support team members instantly, and they also offer a multi language support service too!

As such if English for example is not your own home language you can and will always have the option of selecting the language you wish to use when chatting to their support team!

Casumo Player Promotions and Bonuses

No player is ever going to have bonuses forced upon them at Casumo, which could be something they do find happening to them when playing at some other casino sites.

As such the ability of picking out the bonus offers and promotional deals that suits every player perfectly is something they always have the option of doing.

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The way in which Casumo offer their players bonuses and promotional offers is by giving players the option of opting in to any of them, and when they do so they are instantly then given access to any bonus credits or promotions that they have chosen to opt into.

The bonus r and very player friendly and as such players are certainly not going to find some huge and very unappealing play through requirements for example associated with using bonus credits, so they always have a chance of winning when making use of any Casumo promotional offer or bonus.

The a good look over the Casumo website for that is where you are going to find all of the details of not only their generous sign up welcome bonus but all of their ongoing bonuses too!

Lots of Banking Methods Available

Players are always going to be made very welcome at Casumo and they are also always going to have the option of playing any of their available and ever growing range of games or free and at no cost to them.

But if anyone does fancy getting stuck into playing their very impressive and potentially huge paying casino games in the much more exciting real money playing environment then that is something they always have the option of doing.

Take note that playing for real money at Casumo an absolute breeze to do and all players are given the ability of choosing from a very wide range of different payment methods to not only allow them to deposit money into their accounts very quickly in fact instantly but plenty of fast withdrawal payout methods are also available to players.

It should also be noted that Casumo is also a multi currency casino site and that does of course mean that players are always going to have the option and ability of choosing a currency setting for their casino account that suits them and multi language options settings are also available to all players too.

Lightning Fast Winning Payouts

I hate having to wait any amount of time when I have won playing at an online casino site and that is probably something you are not that keen on having forced to have to do too.

As such, one of the many benefits that will be on offer to you as a player at Casumo is that they are famed for their rapid winning payouts.

As soon as a player puts in a request for a withdrawal, of any value, their cashiers then set about processing those winnings rapidly, as such it will never be very long before you receive your winning payouts via the payment method you have chosen.

I should also point out that there are plenty of available withdrawal options and methods available to you so always select the one that is going to see you receiving your winnings in the very fastest possible time frames.

More detailed information in regards to their payout limits and payout time scales can of course be found over on their website so do feel free to check t out sooner rather than later!

Every Type of Casino Game

Every casino game player is going to have their own preferences in regards to the type and range of different casino games they do love and enjoy playing the most, and the number of games you have access to at Casumo is huge.

That therefore means you will find lots of different variants of the same categories of games on offer to you as one of their players and can play any type of game for whatever stake you wish to play them for whenever you want to play them too.

If it is card games you do enjoy and love playing the most then look out for both the single hand and multi hand card games, for players can play several hands of the same game at the same time when playing the multi hand games.

There are single line slots, multiple line slots and slot games offering life changing jackpots to but if it is video poker games you fancy playing then the pay tables are very generous at Casumo and return some above average payout percentages too!